Active projects

Selenium script: Simple java script tools for writing in browser test unit and scrapers.

Intelligent data mining framework for Android phones.

wpic-lp: Landing page management system.

wpic-seo: Advance scrapting system for,,, ...

Old projects

PDroid: Content managemet system for Android, Web, Windows, Linux, Mac.

Dinosaur: Landing page generator for bootstrap ...

XWeb: Lightweight Java Application Server Framework , ...

Giligili: Android HTML5 application generator.

Not supported anymore

Ketabche: Android HTML5 application generator.

MJFace: Full feature, fast and lightweight UI framework for JavaME platform.

MJFace toolkit: Android HTML5 application generator.

SaraDic: Full Persian >< English dictionary for JavaME phones with auto-compiliation, pronunciation.

Carman: Full car remote on your (J2ME) phone with GPS, remote access and ... for Carman devices. (more...)

Free tools

Bootstrap-validator: Simple and powerfull bootstrap form validator (more...)

Bootstrap switch: Cute switch button (checkbox) for bootstrap less than 2 KB (more...)

Bootstrap number input: Very simple, fast and lightweight (> 3K) jquery plugin for bootstrap to render number input more user-friendly. (more...)

Jjalali: Simple Jalali calendar library for Java. (more...)

coffeescript-maven-plugin: Fast coffeescript compiler for maven. It use Java8 Nashorn engine with Rinho fallback for fast coffeescript compile.(more...)

less-maven-plugin: Simple and fast LESS compiler using JLess for maven. It can merge and compress LESS files too. (more...)

JJUnit: Simple http server use Java8 Nashor, Undertow, coffeescript and LESS. You can easily create HTTP mock server for tesing your HTML5 apps. (more...)